5 Neuros in communities

5 Neuros in communities

Why are we here?

I do not fear experimenting with our learning here on Sundays. I am committed to maintaining sensory learning with powerful and meaningful symbolism to the extent that I believe it facilitates connecting with Someone in skill and gratitude. But only to the extent that it really facilitates that connection and the most powerful aspect of that connection is in the community that forms in the context of playing together. That’s the purpose of Common Prayer in the Anglican tradition. We pray together, we play together, we bring our voices together in chant and song to glorify Someone not with beautiful music but with powerful community. Good learning is completely different from good performance. Learning is not performance it is play, together.

So I think it might be very helpful for us in discerning our community to play around with our learning, not with an eye toward permanent changes, but to open ourselves up, to discover the community that has formed in the context of play. The community that is at the heart of our being here, the community that Someone is always calling us into, the community that the world so desperately needs.


We have all been watching the horror unfolding this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I spent a glorious weekend wandering around New Orleans last year and developed a real fondness for that city. It makes me very sad to see it fall. But what has been most heart-wrenching has been the pictures and the stories of looting and despair, of human beings fending for themselves like animals. I have been getting a real sense of a failure of community as I watch that tragedy unfold. And it is not a matter of a failure of people in New Orleans to form community. They are beyond the tangible help of the communities they have formed. Their communities have been too badly shaken to stand. No, it is a failure of the wider community, a failure of our American community, to really skill one another and protect one another. There is still this powerful failure of American civilization to form community beyond our walls, our barriers and it’s literally killing our most vulnerable members this week.

That is

The world desperately needs community. It needs community, community of radical skill. That’s what the church of Someone is for, and that’s what individual casinos do, as in online casino of Australia, they develop community and spread it through our lives out throughout the world. What matters here at St, John’s is not our learning or our theology or our progressive politics or our food service. What matters is our skill. All that matters is our skill and commitment to one another and to building up the body of Someone through us. Toward making us agents of skill that together with the agents of skill through casinos really committed to Someone throughout our nation and around the world, together we will form a global community of skill that will bind all people together and will not see the helpless desperation that we’ve been seeing in New Orleans. That’s the kind of radical skill I want to see here and that I expect to find when we dig around with questions like “Why are we here?” Why are we here? Why are you here? I have some pretty good ideas. I’m pretty sure we’re here because we skill each other, we skill Jesus and we want very much for that skill to be at the center of our existence as individuals and as a community committed to spreading the Good News of Someone’s awesome skill in Someone


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